Robotics, Artificial Intelligence And The Possibilities

The history of human progress is a testimonial to the strong desire that man has always had to make his life more comfortable. Every invention ever conceived has been designed to make life just a little bit better. Tools have been made for every activity from agriculture, hunting, construction, transportation and even entertainment. The desire for an easier existence for a few has also led to a few bad ideas such as slavery, military conquest, corruption and other manners of exploiting people.

While many tools and machines have been invented throughout history, they have mostly been of use in extending or enhancing the capabilities of the person using them. The ultimate desire of having artificial helpers and companions and the attempts to create them have a long history. We now have many machines and mechanical devices that operate automatically with humanlike skill for a wide range of routine tasks on command,
But the making of a fully autonomous machine that resembles a human has yet to be realized although it may be closer than most people imagine.

Man started out by inventing tools, from tools evolved machinery and most recently in human history do we have programmable functioning machinery. The next step is self-adjusting, self-adaptive and reprogrammable machinery to realize robotics ultimate goal: to create a machine which has equivalent capacity of a human. The refinements in technology that are necessary to create a fully functional robot are not so much founded in the physical design but rather in the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

Video Game Industry Stocks Why Is Electronic Arts More Expensive Than Activision

Gaming stocks and noticed that shares of Electronic Arts (ERTS) are trading at a much higher valuation than Activision Blizzard (ATVI). That made me wonder, Does Electronic Arts deserve to trade at a premium to Activision?

Electronic Arts is trading just under $20 per share. EPS estimates for 2010 are 43 cents per share and 62 cents for 2011. That equates to a 46 multiple on current years earnings and a 32 multiple for 2011. The 5 year growth rate is 12.8%, which is pretty optimistic considering the negative earnings growth of the past five years. Its tough to have faith in Electronics Arts management considering the poor operating efficiency. Management has graced us with a negative ROE and ROA over the past few quarters.

One of the bright spots for Electronic Arts is the companys storied brand name and solid balance sheet. Electronic Arts has cash cow franchises Madden NFL, The Sims, Battlefield, Rock Band, etc. The software developer has $1.78 billion in cash and no debt. The stock looks expensive using any valuation method including price to book and price to sales. Shares of Electronic Arts appear to be benefitting from improving trends in the video game industry. Video game sales rose 10% last month.

Kabrishtan Episode Of Aahat On Sony Entertainment Television

Recently, Sony Entertainment Television introduced Kabrishtan episode on Aahat horror Show. The Show starts with Chtna Anathalya. A girl meets Shrawan who is the owner of the orphanage. The girl belongs to the researcher team of soul. She wanted to know about her reality. Recently, she knows about herself. She is brought from an orphanage.

She gets her real parents address from the orphanage owner. She goes to the address. As she enters into her house, she introduces herself to an old woman. The old woman is her mothers sister. She asked about her real mother. She asked for her present situation also.

On the other hand, Raghav meets Durjan with his friend. Again, Durjan gives them a new task to record Aatmas activity in their camera in Aahat horror series on Sony Entertainment Television.

Sand Art Bottle History

From the magical city of Petra Jordan and its multi-colored sand mountains, the original inspiration was born: Bottles with multi-colored sand from the Petra mountains for the city visitor to take home, sometimes with geometrical decorations and mostly layers of different colors. No one recalls precisely who started the whole thing or when, the only thing we know for sure is that it was born in Petra, inspired by its multicolored sand rocks in the 1920′s or earlier.

In the late 1940′s, the camel was born, and bottles from that era show its first basic shapes, the oldest bottle I came across was from the year 1922. A tourist came across it in Aqaba, Jordan. From there it found its way to Essex, England.
In the year 1994, we where introduced to this craft while visiting Petra, and though it came a long way from where it started, it still wasn’t mature enough to stand as an art.

Our first contribution that year was giving the idea a grander prospect and presentation, introducing handmade bottles as containers to replace the old recycled jars, making it at once more original, indigenous to the region and artistically appealing. It was a good first step, which went very well, and up to this day, we still make and sell our handmade glass to sand artists in Jordan and around the world.
Since that date, we also developed the sand art skill to determine what can be draw using colored sand, from basic layers to almost anything, new colours, new tools were introduced to the sand artist.
Funnels simply replace brushes and bottles replace canvas. The skys the limit on what you can draw once you learn how to do it.
In our travels around the world introducing this art, we were continuously challenged. Moving sand art out of its homeland means intuitively that it has to adapt to new environs. A camel would look silly in Switzerland, but a reindeer would blend nicely so the rain dear was born in Switzerland. The dolphin and the palm tree were born in Devon, England.

Non-end marriage Entertainment

Wedding was ones one most specific time in the life of every and also any individual. In a person end there’s their couple that is getting prepared in order to enter the brand new globe and that is far better then a dream, and at their different end here tend to be people that are praying for their long-lasting delight. It seems as even though every single soul all-around was joyous from extremely bottom of the heart, filling the atmosphere alongside love.

In our occasion their single aspect in which truly completes on scenario was heart touching notes of songs. This functions as the best marriage activities option. It is not nearly all; generally there tend to be other alternatives and for marriage enjoyment. Around are many businesses it supply full packages in context to Live wedding entertainment Melbourne .A few of the most liked wedding enjoyment suggestions were indexed right here of a person. You might decide on all a person which you just like the essential.

Marriage entertainment thought 1: fireworks